"Go into all the world..."

"Go into all the world..."
Mt. Rainier, Washington

Saturday, January 19, 2008

What in the world are we doing?

"Go therefore into all the world and make disciples..." Matthew 28: 19

You ever get bored? I do. Yet considering the present condition of most people on this earth I must say Jesus' words in Matthew 28 often give a reality check to my state of "boredom."

There's plenty of work to go around for the would be evangelist in this present age. With the worlds population well over 6 billion now, we certainly have more than enough souls to seek to keep us busy for several lifetimes, though we'll be given only one. When I consider this tremendous passage at the very end of our Lord's ministry on this earth, I am reminded of several things regarding my role as an evangelist. First, I am reminded that the command here is to "make disciples" while I am "going." It's not some sophisticated plan. It's as I am going about my daily life (at the store, at the ball game, etc.) I am interacting with people and in doing so I am always looking for an opportunity to share the gospel with the lost. Second, making disciples involves two things. (1) Immersion (And the teaching of the gospel that brings a person to this point); (2) Teaching (Taking this new child of God under my arms and leading them into the precious truths of God's Word). Lastly, He is with me. What a great promise indeed. That as I am going about doing His work His Word is there to guide me and the souls that I am teaching!

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